Your Eagle Scout Rank Application

As you get close to finishing all your requirements for the Eagle Rank, you should start the process of filing the Eagle Scout Rank Application.  Follow the directions below carefully to make the process go smoothly.  A checklist is provided in the Chester County Council Eagle Scout Handbook to help you verify that all pieces of required paperwork are included.

1) Complete all your merit badges, your project, and the other requirements.  Advancement reports must be filed with the Council office for all merit badges before submitting an application. These should be submitted through Scoutbook or Internet Advancement.

2) About 4 weeks before your Scoutmaster Conference, request your references to write the reference letters.  The reference form is included in the Chester County Council, BSA Eagle Scout Handbook available from the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Process page of this web site.  You will need to print 6 copies of this reference form.  Print the form front and back on a single piece of paper, or take the two pages to a copy center and have them copy the pages double sided.  Prepare 6 envelopes:

  • Addressed to your Scoutmaster, you are not allowed to handle the completed references.
  • With a stamp, don't ask the people you ask to write the reference for you to pay for the stamp.
  • With the return address of the person you are going to ask to write the reference.
  • With "Confidential reference for" and your name on the outside.  

Keep a record of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the reference writers.  You will need this information for the application form.  The 6 references should be written by:

  • One of your Parents or guardians.
  • A religious leader (not necessarily ordained clergy) or someone who will attest to the fact that you are reverent (12th point of the Scout Law) and that you do your "Duty to God" (Scout Oath).
  • An educational reference, a teacher or other educator.
  • An employer.  If you have not had a paying job, some adult for whom you have done work, such as a neighbor or volunteer project leader.
  • Two other references of your selection.  

3) As soon as your Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project is completed it needs to be reported to the Boy Scouts of America.  Scouting’s Journey to Excellence measures and reward successful performance of units.  One of the requirements is for units to participate in, and report, service projects including Eagle Scout projects.  To receive credit, service projects must be reported through the Scouting’s Journey To Excellence web site.  Each unit will set up a user to access this site.  As an Eagle Scout candidate, you need to collect the information required.  The form to collect and report this information to your Scoutmaster is included in the Chester County Council Eagle Scout Handbook.  Fill it out and turn it in to your Scoutmaster or their designee.

4) Go to Scoutbook, Scout Reports menu and download the Eagle Scout Rank Application form.  This is an pre-filled electronic fillable PDF form.  You will need to save it and then open it in Adobe AcroBat Reader to finish filling it out.  If you do not have Adobe AcroBat Reader to open a PDF file, you can download it by clicking on the icon below.  Do not try to do this in a browser.


5) Fill out the "Eagle Scout Rank Application" through your signature on the second page.  Follow the instructions on the form carefully.  Include the date your Scoutmaster Conference is scheduled.  Collect all the items that need to be attached, as listed in the Chester County Council Eagle Scout Handbook.  When the Application form is complete, print it out, sign it, and take it to your Scoutmaster Conference.  At this conference you should also give your completed Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to your Scoutmaster.  At the end of your Scoutmaster Conference your Scoutmaster will sign the application and normally he will take responsibility for getting the committee chair's signature.  Follow the instructions and submit the form and attachments to the Council Office.

6) The Council Office will enter the information you provide, along with the information already in the ScoutNet computer.  When all the information is verified, they will sign the application and return it.  

7) The Scoutmaster will deliver the application, Workbook, and 6 references to the person who will chair your board of review.  Only after all these documents are in the hands of the board chair can the Eagle board of review be scheduled. 


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